My boyfriend Adam and I travel north towards Bangor. I went to school at the University of Maine, so I am excited to be heading back to the area I spent so much time in—this time as an adult.

Live Music Venues

Good live music has an energy and intimacy that can’t be captured through recordings. Thankfully, there are plenty of venues all across Maine to experience those special performances—from restored opera houses to riverfront pavilions to snowmobiling pit stops.

The Fiddlehead Restaurant

The Fiddlehead Restaurant is comfortable and casual like your best friend’s home would be. The expression “we’re just like family here” doesn’t have much meaning anymore, but if you’re a regular at the Fiddlehead, it seems to actually be true. … Continue reading


Photographs + stories by Maine + Maine Home+Design magazine staff   Growing up, my? family took off to Prince Edward Island, Canada, every summer for our one-week, back-to-the-land camping trip. We would pack up the van the night before, not sleep … Continue reading

Bowling Alleys

  Choose a ball, step up to the line, gaze at the pins down the lane, and send the ball rolling. What you hear next—either the crashing of numerous pins against the wood floor or perhaps the clunk from a … Continue reading


November 2014 Heidi Kirn, Art Director, Maine Home + Design     I sweep my kids, Lily and Charlie, swiftly off the school bus and we hit the highway. We have never spent time in Bangor before, so we are … Continue reading

Bangor, Brewer, + Orono

48 HOURS-November 2013 Photographs + stories by Maine magazine staff: Katy Kelleher + Leanne Ouimet   Katy Kelleher, Online Editor Fall weather is my favorite type of weather, and scary stories are my favorite kind of stories, so it’s with a sense … Continue reading