Kennebec Valley

Crystal Clear Lakes

Head inland and discover Maine’s many freshwater lakes that are surrounded by trees and dotted with old-fashioned camps. Each body of water has its own appeal, with varied depth, remoteness, and boating and fishing opportunities, but all offer quiet respite … Continue reading

Freshwater Fishing Spots

In Maine’s North Woods, the experienced angler can find remote locations that can only be accessed on foot. In the Lakes Region’s deep, calm bodies of water fishermen can reel in some of the best landlocked salmon.   Whatever your … Continue reading

Scenic Drives

May 2015 By: Kelly Clinton Photography: Peter Frank Edwards     Fred Michaud, scenic byways coordinator for the Maine Department of Transportation, explains to be called a byway, routes have to be scenic, of course, but also have to have … Continue reading

Kennebec on Ice

LOCATION-January 2013By Sandy LangPhotographs by Peter Frank Edwards Trying for smelt before the ice melts. Even in February, the ice conditions are iffy. We’re driving through the Kennebec River towns north of Merrymeeting Bay, looking for fishing camps. Catching a … Continue reading