Outdoor Connector

In 1992, as a restive college student with a yen for international travel, Kerry Gallivan secured an internship with an organization called SatelLife. Gallivan’s task was to travel to Zimbabwe and establish communications between remote ground stations and an orbiting satellite in order to access … Continue reading

Kitchen Connections

For food writer Kathy Gunst, Maine is the key ingredient.

Maine Magazine | Elizabeth Drucker | The Ballet School

Elizabeth Drucker

At first we do not see their bodies. Two sets of dark eyes watch us through the husks of the October garden. They do not bark, but remain vigilant until Elizabeth Drucker opens the door of her ballet studio and calls … Continue reading

Sam Morse

Sam Morse Brings Home with Him

Sam Morse spent the month of January in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Switzerland, and on New York’s Whiteface Mountain. In the coming weeks he’ll ski the American West, then jet to Sochi, Russia, for the U.S. World Cup, and back to … Continue reading

Sunday River

The Grand Pooh Bear

Sunday River’s competition center is the oldest building on Barker Mountain and it smells like it— sweat-soaked wool, spilled beer, and wet carpet predominate. The walls are nicked by ski boots and covered with jerseys and medals, and the offices … Continue reading

The Next Economy

With unmatched natural resources and yankee ingenuity, Maine has the tools to rise above economic challenges.

Ronald L. Phillips

Ronald L. Phillips helped create Coastal Enterprises, Inc., a community-based development and financial organization in 1977 to support ventures that benefit people and regions at the margins of society. For CEI’s first major investment project in 1979, Phillips secured $300,000 … Continue reading