Sugarloaf Mountain ski/skate

Open Slopes

Kids learning to love a world-class mountain, right in their backyard

Enjoying the Royal

Communities collaborate to create access to nature and nourishment for the soul.

Live Music Venues

Good live music has an energy and intimacy that can’t be captured through recordings. Thankfully, there are plenty of venues all across Maine to experience those special performances—from restored opera houses to riverfront pavilions to snowmobiling pit stops.

Maine Children’s Books

In a children’s book, stories and art collide to create a visual and literary experience that many of us hold on to throughout our lives. Children and adults remember the characters, plots, and drawings that, in a few short pages, … Continue reading

Skippers and Stewards

Under the leadership of the Maine Island Trail Association, a dedicated group of seafaring Mainers is working to preserve the pristine beauty of our aquatic assets.

Hypnosis + Healing

A former attorney helps clients harness the power of the mind.