Visiting the World of Wohelo

April 2016

By: Sophie Nelson
Photography: Greta Rybus

A summer day with the young girls who become strong women at the end of a dirt road on a lake in Maine

A sunny day at Sebago Wohelo concludes with a council fire, a gathering of campers that marks the beginning of another week.

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Camden's Eighth Wonder of the World

February 2016

By: Katy Kelleher
Photography: Sean Thomas

The U.S. National Toboggan Championships are held every February in the midcoast community of Camden. Here’s what happens when an entire town, and travelers from afar, come out to play.

To some, Camden’s toboggan chute is just a fun ride, but to chute master Stuart Young, it’s “sacred ground.” He adds, “I’m lucky enough to be part of the history of the town. I love to keep it going.”

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Stories from the Ice

February 2016

By: Katy Kelleher
Photography: Kari Herer

In the depths of winter, families find warmth and community on small-town ice rinks.

Local ice rinks are more than just places to practice—although they serve that purpose, too. These frozen playgrounds have become community hubs for the tight-knit towns of Yarmouth and Falmouth.

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Cruising Casco Bay

August 2015

By: Katy Kelleher
Photography: Nicole Wolf

From marina to mooring, one Portland boating family shows off their favorite summer spots.

Scott and Pam Richards on the beach of Cow Island. This small, secluded beach is a frequent stop on their weekend boating trips.

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The Cape's Run

July 15, 2015

By: Sandy Lang
Photography: Peter Frank Edwards

Some of the world’s fastest runners hit the road in Cape Elizabeth every August. To lace up and join them is to be part of one of the top 10K road races in the country— and it starts on a summer morning just a few miles south of Portland.

Portland Head Light and Casco Bay are the backdrop from seaside paths at Fort Williams.

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The Racing Season

By Jaed Coffin | Photography by Matt Cosby

A day at Oxford Plains Speedway

The original Oxford Plains Speedway was built in sex weeks for $35,000. Today the track is known for host in the Oxford 250.


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Maine Camps Listing 2015

April 2015

A Comprehensive Guide

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