Band of Brothers

PROFILE-January + February 2012
By Sarah Stebbins
Photographs by Mark Yaggie

On Friday nights when most of us are packing it in, the guys on the DOORMATS hockey team, a group of buddies in their 40s and 50s, are getting ready to take to the ice—and to laugh about it afterward.

The guys change lines frequently, giving everyone equal time on the ice and bench.

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The S-Factor

LOCATION-January + February 2012
By Sandy Lang
Photographs by Peter Frank Edwards

Slope-side stories of epic snows, fireside proposals, and smoky barbecue for the ski and snowboard set


The slopes of Saddleback in the evening light.

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XC Carrabassett

By Sandy Lang
Photographs by Peter Frank Edward

The snowstorm was a whopper on those last days of February, covering Maine in yards-deep drifts. But we had the winter itch to ski.


On a frozen midcoast lake, one last ski in the blue hour before sundown.

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Summer, and After

Written and art directed by Basha Burwell
Styling by Brienne Neumann
Photographs by Ryan Goodrich

The spirit of McCloskey’s SAL lives on, even in autumn

Maine only gets Mainer when you head down peninsulas like this one with kids in tow.

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Walking on Air

By Chelsea Holden Baker
Photographs by Kristin Teig

We did not take to the sky like a bird. We did not soar. We were born aloft in the lightest sense of the word—like a spore or downy seed. And we felt that small, with the world spread out below us, the silence around us revealing a character in the air unknown on the ground. We looked down with birds’ eyes but could not control our direction. We were left to the whims of the wind and there was no friction.

A view of 95 North: Skybox’s small, triangular basket holds three people, max.

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On the Presidential Trail

By Chelsea Holden Baker
Photgraphs by C.A. Smith Photography

A story of mountain biking, conservation, and a POTUS and his muddy secret service

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Man vs. Golf

FEATURE-August 2011
By Stephen Abbott
Photographs by Mark Yaggie

Chasing the obsession across Maine

Spring Meadows rivals nearby Fox Ridge as one of the best golfing deals in Maine. The course is always perfectly manicured, and the fairways are so plush and spongy that you almost feel like you are hitting off a tee—or cheating. Every hole has its own personality, and you could play the course a thousand times and not get bored. Every time I finish a round, I just want to walk back to the first tee and start all over again.

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