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Global Villages #51

For the past year, the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast has been building a "village" of wellness-minded individuals. Our guests and listeners, joined together through social media, radio and podcast, represent a new generation seeking to better their own health through attention to the health of their families, communities and the global village. This week we explore the theme…

Bodily Alignment #228

Every body has the innate ability to keep itself healthy and in balance. This balance is best achieved by maintaining good alignment—both physical and emotional. Today we speak with osteopathic physician Dr. Jacey Goddard, and with exercise science specialists Rebecca Woll and Tom Kropf, about keeping our bodies healthy and aligned.

Our Guests

Shane Diamond, Speak About It

Alison Beyea, ACLU of Maine

Jud Knox, CEO of York Hospital

Dr. Betsy Johnson, president & CEO of MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization

Beth Weisberger and Wade Kavanaugh

Amanda Huotari and Fritz Grobe

Thomas Belluscio, registered Maine guide

Tony Owens, MD, Natural Resources Council of Maine

John Paul Caponigro, visual artist

Suzette McAvoy, executive director at the CMCA

Gary Lawless, Gulf of Maine Books

Ekhlas Ahmed, Darfur Youth of Tomorrow

All our Guests >