Profiles of Resilience #188

AIDS and HIV are very different entities than they once were. No longer an infection that leads inevitably to death,  the human immunodeficiency virus and acquired immunodeficiency syndrome can be managed with long-term medications. Today we speak with infectious disease specialist, Dr. Thomas Courtney, about the evolution of AIDS and HIV in Maine. We also speak with Smith Galtney, who created Seeing ME: Profiles of Resilience, a collaborative photography project with the Frannie Peabody House.

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Music Mastery #187

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Music in Maine is alive and well–on many levels. We have long had talented musicians, but we also have those whose work involves fine-tuning the music once it has been recorded. Today we speak with preeminent mastering engineer, Bob Ludwig, whose Grammy-winning work is recognized the world over. We also speak with musician and award-winning singer-songwriter Sam Chase, who is making his mark on the Maine music scene.

Farm Fresh Maine #186

Wolfe's Neck Farm

Maine has a rich agricultural heritage—it was considered the ‘breadbasket of the Northeast’ during Civil War times, when it provided much of the wheat for the Union Army. Today we are experiencing a resurgence of interest in farming, as a new generation takes to the fields to provide us with local nourishment. This week we speak with David Herring and Matthew DeGrandpre of Wolfe’s Neck Farm about the transformations they have witnessed, and why they are passionate about Maine agriculture.

Whole-Body Learning #185


Most of us associate the word ‘learning’ with school, or books. We have increasingly become aware that learning takes place in multiple settings, and that it can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic and sensory. Today we speak with  Niles Parker, Executive Director of the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, and Kim & Tim DeMado of Triple Jump Fitness, about the ways in which they are helping children and adults learn.

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Artists & Education, #107

Art belongs to all of us. How do we ensure that the making and enjoyment of art is accessible to Mainers? Suzette McAvoy, Director of the Center for Maine Contemporary Art, and Roger Dell, Director of Education at the Farnsworth Museum, answer this question on our most recent episode of the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast.

Architecture + Art #174

The creative process is necessarily an evolution. Artists, and the community in which they create, are continuously changing. Today we speak with architect Scott Simons and with Mark Bessire, director of the Portland Museum of Art, about designing updated spaces and programs that can absorb and celebrate change. You won't want to miss these intriguing conversations.

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