Foundations of Education #272

Photo by Matt Cosby

How do we give our students a full and rich educational experience? Maine is known for its exceptional schools, dedicated teachers, and administrators. Recently, community members have started engaging with their school systems through education foundations, which fund additional enrichment activities. Today we speak with Kate Snyder, executive director of the Portland Education Foundation, and Gabe Weiss, president of the Yarmouth Education Foundation.

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Sugarloafing #271

There are many ways to enjoy Sugarloaf, Maine’s largest ski mountain. Today we speak with Bruce Miles, president of the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club, about the ski/skate program, which gives local children the opportunity to enjoy all that the resort has to offer. We also speak with Tom Fremont-Smith, president of Winterstick Snowboards.

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

Island Time #270

How do we keep Maine’s coast and islands accessible and productive as our state grows in popularity? Today we speak with two individuals who offer unique perspectives on this question: Tim Glidden, president of the Maine Coast Heritage Trust and Cliff Island conservationist, Roger Berle.

Making Music #269

Maine is home to a rich and evolving music scene. Today we speak with two music-makers who have called Maine home for decades: Portland-based and nationally acclaimed singer, songwriter and producer, Spencer Albee, and one of Maine’s leading producers and recording engineers, Jonathan Wyman.

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Fertility, #85

With Spring comes the promise of growth and new life. This week on the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour we discuss what happens when creating new life presents a challenge to couples. Our guests include fertility and adoption coach Anne Belden, and reproductive endocrinologist Dr. Benjamin Lannon. In sitting down with Dr. Lisa, they offer hopeful perspectives on an emotionally charged topic.  

New Beginnings, #68

A new year is upon us, and with it the possibility of new beginnings. This week we are inspired by an individual who has had many new beginnings in his life: new U. S. citizen Maxwell Chikuta, formerly of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We understand the challenges of new beginnings better with Susan Roche, Legal Director of the Immigrant Legal…

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Kate Snyder

Gabe Weiss

Tom Fremont-Smith

Bruce Miles

Tim Glidden

Roger Berle

Jonathan Wyman

Spencer Albee

Robin Zinchuk

Dana Bullen

Dr. Susan Hunter

Danielle Conway

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