Good Works that Last #150

What does it take to keep a good thing going? Non-profit organizations, founded with specific needs in mind, have to move and shift in order to evolve successfully. Join our conversations with Deborah Walters and Jane Gallagher of Safe Passage, and Nat May, executive director of SPACE Gallery, and learn what their organizations have been doing in order to offer lasting benefits to the community.

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Maine Farms & Food

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Greek Physician Hippocrates once said, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food.” It has become increasingly clear that there is no more important way to approach health: doctors need to care about food. We need to care about where it comes from, and how our patients are getting it. Today we speak with John Piotti of the Maine Farmland Trust and Ted Quaday of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association about these very issues. 

Creative Entrepreneurship #148

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As a radio show host and wellness editor for Maine magazine, I have had many fascinating conversations with our state’s creative and business leaders.  This has provided me with an education that most physicians cannot access. I have especially enjoyed interacting with entrepreneurs such as Ben Shaw of Vets First Choice and Andrea King of Aristelle. From them I’ve learned that doing things differently is both possible and sustainable. This is a great lesson for those of us who hope to move forward successfully within the medical field.

Inspiring Maine People #147

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Maine is home to many inspiring people—artists, attorneys, philanthropists, and countless others from diverse fields who are doing great things for our state. Today we speak with Katy Kelleher and Susan Grisanti of Maine magazine, who describe history of the “50 People” list in the July issue, and how the individuals who make up this list came to be chosen. We are also joined by Greg Powell, chairman of the Harold Alfond Foundation and one of Maine magazine’s 50 People, who is making a difference by championing health, education, and youth development across the Pine Tree State through programs such as the Alfond Challenge. Join our conversations and find inspiration for your life!

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Summer Wellness, #97

Wellness can take many forms. On today's show, we address physical wellness through the prevention of Lyme disease and skin cancer. We also discuss modalities such as acupuncture and integrative medicine. There are many different ways to be well, and we hope that you will incorporate some of the ideas we discuss into your own life.

Caring for Community, #81

From ‘Raising Readers’ to raising awareness for colorectal cancer, Maine has many innovative wellness programs created with the health of the community in mind. Learn more through our discussions with Deborah Deatrick, Senior Vice President of Community Health Education at MaineHealth and Dr. Kathleen Fairfield of the Maine Center Shared Decision Making Program.

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