Motivation, Multiplied

How do we maintain motivation for achieving goals, big and small? Hearing the stories of others, and sharing our own story, can make this happen. Today we speak with Olympic luger and girls summer camp founder, Julia Clukey, and Damon Moschetto, athletic trainer and author of No B.S. Guide to High Performance Living. Listen in to hear what keeps them motivated, and find motivation for your own life.

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Healing through Writing #158

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Life can be challenging at times. Techniques such as writing can help us deal with grief, sadness, anger and other emotions that may arise during these times. Today we speak with Eileen Doyon, author and publisher of the “Unforgettable Faces and Stories” series, and Cidny Bullens, a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, each of whom share their stories and describe the ways in which writing has helped them heal.

“Fostering Family Connections” #157

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Families come in many forms. Regardless of how they are created, they have a significant impact on our later lives. Today, we speak with Christina Baker Kline, best-selling author of the Orphan Train, and business woman Catherine York. Their family experiences have greatly influenced their work and personal evolution. We hope you enjoy our conversations with Christina and Catherine.

Maine Vision #156

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Having lived in the Portland area for many years, I am excited to see the growth and new energy being invested in Maine’s largest city. Today we speak with Maine Senate President Justin Alfond and real estate developer Jim Brady: two individuals who are bringing jobs, housing and visitors to our state, and in promoting the high quality standard of living for which Maine has become known. Jim and Justin have also been featured in recent issues of Old Port magazine.

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Kid Literature, #102

Imagine a book. It might look like a small, humble item with creased pages and a tarnished cover, but inside? Inside is the world. Books make it possible for us to explore, to travel to other cultures, to dip our feet in the cool waters of The Nile or swim in the hot springs of Hungary. They teach us compassion,…

Light #6

Ready to let in the light? This week we talked about the "Lightness of Being," as made possible by Qigong, spending time in the great Maine outdoors and having a little fun for charity's sake.  Our guests included  Stephen Anderson of The Body Architect, David Herring of Maine Huts & Trails and Scott Manthorne of the Ski Boot & Stiletto…

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