Under the Big Top #194

Maine is known for constantly reinventing itself—often in fun and interesting ways. Recently a group of developers has been making significant changes to Thompson’s Point in Portland. They will be offering space to businesses, artists and a variety of creative folk, including a new circus group. Today we speak with Chris Thompson of Thompson’s Point, and with Peter Nielsen of the Circus Conservatory of America, about their exciting new ventures.


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The Sporting Life #193

Golf 05.FJF_1980

The sporting life is alive and well in Maine. Some of us enjoy organized sports, at the youth, school and professional levels, while others of us are passionate about the great outdoors. Today we speak with longtime Maine sportscaster, Bill Green, who now hosts a weekly show called “Bill Green’s Maine,” and with Brian Corcoran of Shamrock Sports.

Resilient Life #192


We never know what silent battles those among us might be engaged in.  Local businessman Jim Godbout faced a series of losses—physical, emotional and social—as a child. Through self-care and healing techniques like yoga, acupuncture and healthy eating,  Jim has created a full and happy life, rising above problems like epilepsy, encephalitis and the loss of his twin brother at the age of five. Jim embodies the quality of resilience to which most of us aspire.

Maine Lands #191


Whether we are traversing our native soil, or sinking our fingers in it, we Mainers are in love with the land.  Today we speak with Chris Franklin, executive director of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, and Rodney Eason, director of horticulture at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective on what the Earth has to offer—and what we, in turn, have to offer the Earth.

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The Giver #171

What better gift is there than a book? Today we speak with best-selling author and Newbery medal-winner, Lois Lowry, who has bestowed the gift of literature upon adults and children the world over. Lowry has written forty-five books, including one that inspired the recent movie, "The Giver." Join us and learn more about the life and mind of this fascinating…

Motion Pictures, #106

Maine is a hot spot for artists of every possible persuasion. Motion picture makers (and actors) are the latest in a long line of creative individuals who call our state home. Get the update on Maine’s own Camden International Film Festival from founder Ben Fowlie, Managing Director Caroline von Kuhn and and get a glimpse into the acting life with…

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