Hypnosis & Health #249

How does our mind impact our health? Significantly, it turns out.  While many afflictions, such as disease or genetic disorders, are beyond our control, some things are well within our power to change. Today we speak with Maggie Clement, a former attorney who now helps clients with issues such as insomnia, anxiety and addiction, by using hypnosis. We also discuss the hypnosis experience with breast cancer survivor, Susan Johnston.

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Reclaiming Personal Power #248

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How do we convert obstacles into opportunities? For each of us, the answer is different—but some basic principles, such as hard-work, persistence and ingenuity, seem to be universal themes. Today we speak with two individuals who describe their process of reclaiming personal power. Angela Coulombe survived the debilitating effects of Lyme Disease to run marathons internationally, while raising awareness of Lyme. Lael Couper Jepson, author of Unscripted: A Woman’s Living Prayer, founded the organization SheChanges to help women make important shifts in their lives.

Treasuring our Trash #247

Photo by Nicole Wolf

Gone are the days when we can toss our unwanted items in a landfill or burn them in the backyard. We have come to realize that we live on a planet that has finite space—a space that we want to keep clean for our children, and the generations beyond theirs. Today we seek to look at trash as a resource, rather than refuse, with our guests Tyler Frank, founder of the curbside composting program, Garbage to Garden, and Kevin Roche, CEO of ecomaine.

Photo by Nicole Wolf

Life on the Spectrum #246

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What is it like to understand life in a way that doesn’t always match up with others around you? Children and adults on the autism spectrum live this reality every day. Today we speak with Derek, Amy & Dylan Volk, whose experience is detailed in Derek Volk’s well-regarded book, Chasing the Rabbit: A Dad’s Life Raising a Son on the Spectrum.


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Laughter #29

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Stopping Sexual Abuse #244

There is no easy way to discuss the problem of sexual abuse and trafficking. Yet these problems do exist within the state of Maine. Today we speak with Melissa Bednarowski of  Stand Up 4 ME and Catherine Mossman of Stop Trafficking ME—both of whom have personal experience with these devastating situations, and have chosen to go beyond their pain and…

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