Life on the Edges #153

How do we handle ourselves when life throws us a curve? Bruce Fitzgerald, Director of the Maine Emergency Management Agency, and Joshua Frances, Director of Emergency Management at Maine Medical Center, give us valuable information about emergencies, how we might be impacted and how we can best prepare. Mark Swann of the Preble Street Resource Center discusses what happens when life goes awry, and how we might help our neighbors.

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Earth Calling #152

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Summer is in full bloom and the earth reminds us daily of the bounty that we Mainers enjoy. Today we speak with Ted Carter and Ellen Gunter, authors of Earth Calling: A Climate Change Handbook for the 21st Century, and Roger Doiron, founder and director of Kitchen Gardeners International. Join our conversations and learn how to we can maintain and foster our relationship with the world in which we live.

Sailing Maine #151

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Summer is a great time to be on the water. Join our conversations with people who love navigating Maine waters by boat, and have made it possible for others to do the same. Janet Acker and Jess McGreehan share their experience with Portland’s SailMaine organization, and Matt Barton describes his rewarding transition from financial consultant to boatbuilder at the Hinckley Company, by way of the Landing School.

Good Works that Last #150

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What does it take to keep a good thing going? Non-profit organizations, founded with specific needs in mind, have to move and shift in order to evolve successfully. Join our conversations with Deborah Walters and Jane Gallagher of Safe Passage, and Nat May, executive director of SPACE Gallery, and learn what their organizations have been doing in order to offer lasting benefits to the community.

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Earth Day #32

Ted Carter, landscaper and co-author of Reunion: How We Heal Our Broken Connection to the Earth, Penny Jordan of Cape Elizabeth's Jordan Farm and Land for Good, and David Banks & Bill Lunt of Falmouth's Tidewater Conservation Project discuss ways in which we can celebrate the health of the planet on this 42nd anniversary of Earth Day!

Comfort, #66

The holidays can be a time of joy, and a time of sadness. This is particularly true when our families are impacted by illness and difficulty. This week we find comfort in the wise words of Anne Lynch and Valerie Jones of the Center for Grieving Children; and hospice advocate Louise Hurlbutt and Arlene Wing RN, MHSA, Chief Executive Officer of Hospice…

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