Resilient Life #192

We never know what silent battles those among us might be engaged in.  Local businessman Jim Godbout faced a series of losses—physical, emotional and social—as a child. Through self-care and healing techniques like yoga, acupuncture and healthy eating,  Jim has created a full and happy life, rising above problems like epilepsy, encephalitis and the loss of his twin brother at the age of five. Jim embodies the quality of resilience to which most of us aspire.


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Maine Lands #191


Whether we are traversing our native soil, or sinking our fingers in it, we Mainers are in love with the land.  Today we speak with Chris Franklin, executive director of the Cape Elizabeth Land Trust, and Rodney Eason, director of horticulture at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens. Each of these individuals brings a unique perspective on what the Earth has to offer—and what we, in turn, have to offer the Earth.

Rethinking Education #190


Education is a multi-faceted process, and one that we Mainers feel strongly about.  It is also an integral aspect of well-being, both present and future.Today we speak with Zoe Weil,  founder of the Institute for Humane Education, and longtime Maranacook teacher. nordic ski coach and dean of students, Steve DeAngelis, about their perspectives on education.

Sustainability Ed #189

C. 2014 by Fred

We’ve all heard the word sustainability, and become familiar with the concept. But what does it mean to put sustainability into practice—and how do we educate tomorrow’s leaders? Today we address these questions with College of the Atlantic professor Jay Friedlander and University of Maine School of Law professor, Sarah Schindler.

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Trailblazers, #101

It takes a certain bravery to follow the road, as poet Robert Frost put it, "not taken." Not everyone likes to tread down these lesser-walked paths, but for those who do, the rewards—and the risks—are great. These fearless souls, these trailblazers, are people who enact change, who choose to step forward into uncharted teritory rather than cruise along the time-honed…

Maine Farms & Food #149

Greek Physician Hippocrates once said, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine thy food." It has become increasingly clear that there is no more important way to approach health: doctors need to care about food. We need to care about where it comes from, and how our patients are getting it. Today we speak with John Piotti of the Maine…

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