Farming Flowers & Cultivating Coffee #301

There is an inherent joy in working with what the earth offers. Today we speak with Stacy Brenner who lives, farms, and flowers at Broadturn Farm in Scarborough. We also discuss the Portland-based Rwanda Bean Company, which returns 50 percent of its profits to coffee farmers in Rwanda, with co-founder Mike Mwenedata

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From the Heart #300

We all have had experiences that push us to go beyond what we know in our daily lives. Today we speak with Dr. Emily Isaacson, the artistic director of the Oratorio Chorale and Maine Chamber Ensemble, about her unique commitment to music and how she came to make her life’s choices. We also explore ideas of grief in childhood, with psychologist Dr. Mary Plouffe, author of the memoir I Know It in My Heart.

Living History #299

Philosopher George Santayana is remembered for having said, “Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” During times of turmoil, we do well to recall how we got to be where we are. Today we speak with career journalist Douglas Rooks about his book Statesman: George Mitchell and the Art of the Possibleand with Dr. Christopher Petrella, whose academic career has explored questions at the intersection of race, criminality, and citizenship.

Three is a Magic Number: Winning James Beard #298

With the restaurants Hugo’s, Eventide and Honey Paw, the partners of Big Tree Hospitality have achieved remarkable success. This week we speak with Arlin Smith, Mike Wiley and Andrew Taylor about their own stories, winning the 2017 James Beard Award, and what life is like as they expand their business outside of Portland.

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Autism #160

Autism impacts all of us. Children and adults who have a diagnosis on the "autism spectrum" are attending school, working and playing with us. In less severe cases, we may not even recognize that this is so—and may not know the struggles that individuals with these disorders (and their families) are facing. Today we speak with Alice Chaplick and Dr.…

Investigating Addiction & Preventing Polio #285

We humans have been plagued by disease—both infectious and environmental--since we began life on this planet. Today we discuss two very different diseases with individuals who are working to mitigate them. Scientists Dr. Elissa Chesler and Dr. Vivek Kumar are studying addiction at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor. Ann Lee Hussey, herself a polio survivor, has travelled the world…

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Stacy Brenner

Dr. Emily Isaacson

Mary Plouffe, Ph.D

Christopher Petrella

Douglas Rooks

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Mike Wiley

Arlin Smith

Linda Greenlaw

Jane Goodrich

Amanda Beal

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