Family Business #262

According to Forbes magazine, about 90% of all U.S. businesses are family-owned or controlled by a family. Balancing personal and professional interests within such an organization creates interesting opportunities—and challenges. Today we speak with Tom and Eliza Chappell, presenters at this year’s Maine Family Business Awards, and with executive director of the Institute for Family-Owned Business, Catherine Wygant Fossett.


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Hometown Proud #261


Mainers feel a fierce connection to their hometowns—and rightfully so. We are shaped by where we are raised, and in some cases have an opportunity to offer our gifts back to these communities. Today’s guests returned as adults to live and work in their hometowns. Dr. Renee Fay-Leblanc is a physician and chief medical officer at Greater Portland Health.  Michael McGraw is the coach of the state champion Lewiston boys soccer team.

Transformation of Self #260


Our bodies are the physical vessels that contain our selves. What happens when these vessels do not reflect the people we understand ourselves to be? Today we speak with singer-songwriter Cid Bullens and author and counselor Krista Haapala, about the transformations—physical, mental and emotional—that each has chosen to undergo.

Accessing Maine #259


How do we help people live, work, and play in Maine? By providing improved access to the outdoors and virtual connectivity to the greater world. Today’s guests are helping create this access: Lucas St. Clair’s family’s foundation has just donated 87,500 acres for the creation of a national monument, and Susan Corbett, president and CEO of Axiom Technologies, is bringing broadband to the most rural parts of our state.

Editor’s note: St. Clair’s interview was recorded before the foundation’s donation and President Obama’s August 24 designation of the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.

Photography by Fred Field

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Soul Music #214

The Maine music scene is vibrant and evolving. From experienced musicians who have played on the world stage, to hardworking newcomers who are making their voices known, we have a front row seat to a wealth of talent. Today we speak with singer-songwriters Jonathan Edwards and Lyle Divinsky, who are each bringing their soul-filled messages to the Maine community in…

Maine Jewish Film Festival #131

Today’s guests include Louise Rosen, Executive and Artistic Director with the Maine Jewish Film Festival. Richard Kane of Kane Lewis Productions and Filmmaker with the Maine Jewish Film Festival and Larry Rubenstein, retired rabbi and supporter of the Maine Jewish Film Festival. Now in its 17th year, the Maine Jewish Film Festival has presented over 300 domestic and foreign films.…

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