Healing through Writing #158

Life can be challenging at times. Techniques such as writing can help us deal with grief, sadness, anger and other emotions that may arise during these times. Today we speak with Eileen Doyon, author and publisher of the “Unforgettable Faces and Stories” series, and Cidny Bullens, a Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, each of whom share their stories and describe the ways in which writing has helped them heal.

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“Fostering Family Connections” #157

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Families come in many forms. Regardless of how they are created, they have a significant impact on our later lives. Today, we speak with Christina Baker Kline, best-selling author of the Orphan Train, and business woman Catherine York. Their family experiences have greatly influenced their work and personal evolution. We hope you enjoy our conversations with Christina and Catherine.

Maine Vision #156

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Having lived in the Portland area for many years, I am excited to see the growth and new energy being invested in Maine’s largest city. Today we speak with Maine Senate President Justin Alfond and real estate developer Jim Brady: two individuals who are bringing jobs, housing and visitors to our state, and in promoting the high quality standard of living for which Maine has become known. Jim and Justin have also been featured in recent issues of Old Port magazine.

Old Port Adventuring #155

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It has been said that publishing is dead, but we at the Maine Media Collective know that publishing is merely transitioning, and that we have the opportunity to make a good thing even better. As wellness editor, it has been my privilege to share the good news about health with Maine magazine readers since January. In June, we launched Old Port magazine, which focuses on the goings-on around the Portland peninsula. Today we speak with Jen DeRose, editor of Old Port, and Kevin Thomas, publisher of Old Port, Maine and Maine Home + Design magazines, for a behind-the-scenes look at this exciting addition. We also speak with Zack Anchors and Erin Quigley of Portland Paddle, who are featured in the September issue of Old Port.

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Sharing Strength, #90

Strength shared is strength multiplied. We are fortunate to be surrounded by those who share their strength regularly. This Sunday, join the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour for a discussion on "Sharing Strength." Meet four dynamic Mainers who are devoting their energy to helping their fellow citizens. Our guests include Kristin Miale, president of Good Shepard Food Bank, musician Max Garcia Conover,…

Global Villages #51

For the past year, the Dr. Lisa Radio Hour & Podcast has been building a "village" of wellness-minded individuals. Our guests and listeners, joined together through social media, radio and podcast, represent a new generation seeking to better their own health through attention to the health of their families, communities and the global village. This week we explore the theme…

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