Old Port Winter Wellness #170

What do Portland-area citizens and visitors do when the weather turns chilly? Enjoy a broad range of activities, both indoors and out. Today we speak with Bayside Bowl co-founder Charlie Mitchell, Kara Wooldrik of Portland Trails, and Lynn Tillotson of the Portland Convention and Visitors Bureau. Listen to our discussion for ideas about your next winter wellness outing.

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Sugarloaf #169


Sugarloaf in Carrabassett Valley is one of Maine’s favorite mountains. The first trail was cut in 1950 by the Sugarloaf Mountain Ski Club and a group of locals known as “The Bigelow Boys.” Since then, Sugarloaf has become a close-knit community of skiers, snowboarders and outdoor enthusiasts. Today we speak with Sugarloafer and schooner captain Kip Files, and Jamie Goduti of the Sugarloaf ski patrol, both of whom are featured in Maine Magazine’s December issue. We know you’ll enjoy hearing more about the Sugarloaf family, and perhaps be inspired to take a trip up there yourself!

Maine, Iceland & the World Beyond #168


Have you seen the name EIMSKIP on Portland’s waterfront? Transporting inbound items such as German chocolate and ski equipment, and outbound products like Maine blueberries, this Icelandic-based company has provided a boost to the Maine economy–one that will continue to strengthen as we maximize our international exposure. Today we speak with EIMKSIP station manager Petur Peterson, Janine Bisaillon-Cary of the Maine International Trade Center and Dana Eidsness of the Maine North Atlantic Development Office.

Gratitude in Action #167


Are you grateful for the life you have? Maintaining gratitude, despite sometimes seemingly insurmountable difficulties, is an active process. Today we speak with Shawn McLaughlin about his personal experience with living gratefully, and with author Barb Schmidt about the ways in which she practices this process daily.

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Green Streets #19

Take to the streets with us this week as we speak of matters "green" with Maine's former governor, sustainable energy champion and recent itinerant RV traveler, Angus King, Michael Stoddard of Efficiency Maine and Doug Welch of the Maine Island Trail Association.

Independence #42

Break free this Independence day! Learn how to get out of that rut, banish negative patterns and transform unhealthy habits so you can make room for a lighter, brighter, more firework-worthy future. Today, clinical Psychologist Beth Kubik and Peggy Woodcock, RN, certified hypnotherapist and Reiki master, share their insight into how best to begin making positive changes in your lifestyle…

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