Women of Heart #182

Heart disease was once known as a disease of men—and older men at that. Today we speak with previously healthy women who had sudden, unexpected heart trouble at relatively young ages. Their diseases were so severe that they required heart transplants. You will be surprised and inspired by our conversations with artist Ann Gable Allaire and her husband Bill, and Deborah Daw Heffernan author of “An Arrow through the Heart.”

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Eat Maine #181


Maine has a well-deserved reputation for creative and satisfying cuisine. Some of us also enjoy the little extras that make a meal complete. Today we speak with Kate McAleer of Bixby & Co.  and Luke Davidson of Maine Craft Distilling about their adventures in specialty food and drink. Kate tickles our taste buds with tales of all natural chocolate bars, while Luke describes how his company distills spirits from Maine grain. We promise to leave your mouth watering!

Illustrating Maine #180

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If you have ever read a children’s book, no doubt you know that the illustrations play an important part in the experience.  Children, who are often pre-literate, rely on pictures to help them learn words, and develop a love of reading. Adults enjoy pictures as a means of rounding out a story. Today we speak with two award-winning illustrators, Scott Nash and Melissa Sweet, about their work and why Maine is the perfect place for them to practice their craft.

Young Maine Voices #179


When it comes to having a voice, age is relative. It matters less how old we are than how willing we are to share our story, and our convictions. Today we speak with thirteen-year-old Sienna Mazone, about her ideas regarding the importance of vegetarian eating, which won her a trip to the White House to meet the President and First Lady. We also have an uplifting conversation about overcoming depression with Cape Elizabeth High School senior, Hunter Kent.

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