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Body Balance #278

Do you need to bring your body into balance? We ask a lot of our physical selves, through our work and play. Today we speak with two healing practitioners who help their clients find balance through modalities such as massage, energy work, and dietary change. Julie Wright is the owner and director of Soma Massage and Wellness in South Portland; Carrie Levine is a certified nurse midwife, functional medicine specialist, and the founder of Whole Woman Health in Newcastle.

Natural Foods from Local Farms #277

Mainers care about where their food comes from. We are known for supporting local farmers and the businesses that sell our farmers’ produce and goods. Today we speak with Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin of Six River Farm in Bowdoinham, and Tina Wilcoxson, who sells Six River Farm’s organic vegetables at Royal River Natural Foods, the store she owns in Freeport.

Political Perspectives #276

This month we inaugurate a new president of the United States, which is certain to create change in both the nation and our state. Today we speak with two attorneys who have long had a passion for politics, and have contributed greatly to our government. Harold Pachios is one of the founding partners of law firm Preti Flaherty, whose prior career in politics dates back to the Kennedy administration. Also a Preti Flaherty founding partner, Severin Beliveau directs the firm’s government affairs practice in Augusta and Washington, D.C.

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Sailing Maine #151

Summer is a great time to be on the water. Join our conversations with people who love navigating Maine waters by boat, and have made it possible for others to do the same. Janet Acker and Jess McGreehan share their experience with Portland's SailMaine organization, and Matt Barton describes his rewarding transition from financial consultant to boatbuilder at the Hinckley…

The Art of Living, #76

Does life truly imitate art? When we acknowledge the creativity of our spirits, and seek to find beauty in the world around us, our lives are immeasurably enriched.  Artist Abbie Williams and attorney/photographer Jack Montgomery help us explore the connection between wellness and 'living artfully.'

Our Guests

Briana and Andrew Volk

Briana and Andrew Volk

Briana Holt

Briana Holt

Julie Wright

Carrie Levine

Nate Drummond and Gabrielle Gosselin

Tina Wilcoxson

Severin Beliveau

Harold Pachios

Pat Callaghan

Keith Carson

Cyndi Prince

Fred Forsley

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