Accessing Health #163

It is critical for people to have access to health care. Far too many families become devastated by unexpected health care costs, and far too many individuals are unable to seek the medical assistance they need, often delaying diagnosis and treatment for serious problems. Today we address this issue with Dr. Wendy Wolf, founding president of the Maine Health Access Foundation, Vanessa Santarelli, CEO of the Maine Primary Care Association,  patient outreach and enrollment specialist, Lisa Lemieux, and Penobscot Community Health Care chief medical officer, Dr. Noah Nesin. If you, or someone you know, does not currently have access to health care, listen in and learn how you can remedy this situation.

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Healthy Homes #162

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What makes a home healthy? Everything from clean air and environmentally-friendly products to the appropriate use of space. Today we discuss the physical aspects of healthy homes with Maine Home+Design‘s “Bright-Minded Home” columnist, Melissa Coleman, and Jason Peacock of Maine Green Building Supply. We address the creation of happy-feeling homes with Brett Johnson of Maine Street Design Co. in Portland. Join us and learn how to influence your own healthy home.

Treasures from the Sea #161

Treasures from the Sea


Maine is home to miles of inviting coastline, which gives us proximity to a prolific ocean whose treasures are many. The benefits of the sea go beyond swimming, sailing and fishing. Today we speak with Dr. Mike and Wendy Taylor, developers of Ocean Elements skin care products, and Tollef Olson whose company, Ocean Approved, harvests nutrient-rich sea vegetables for eating. Listen to our conversation and understand the sea in a new way.

Autism #160

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Autism impacts all of us. Children and adults who have a diagnosis on the “autism spectrum” are attending school, working and playing with us. In less severe cases, we may not even recognize that this is so—and may not know the struggles that individuals with these disorders (and their families) are facing. Today we speak with Alice Chaplick and Dr. Matthew Siegel, a psychiatrist at Spring Harbor Hospital, about their experiences with autism, so that we may better understand this important issue. 

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The Art of Living, #76

Does life truly imitate art? When we acknowledge the creativity of our spirits, and seek to find beauty in the world around us, our lives are immeasurably enriched.  Artist Abbie Williams and attorney/photographer Jack Montgomery help us explore the connection between wellness and 'living artfully.'

Connecting Kids with Food, #77

We are what we eat, so let’s make sure our kids are eating well. Airing this Sunday, “Connecting Kids with Food” features Dr. Michael Dedekian of the The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center and Dr. Kevin Strong, CEO and founder of Dunk The Junk. We hope you’ll join us at 7am + noon.

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