Whole-Body Learning #185

Most of us associate the word ‘learning’ with school, or books. We have increasingly become aware that learning takes place in multiple settings, and that it can be visual, auditory, kinesthetic and sensory. Today we speak with  Niles Parker, Executive Director of the Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor, and Kim & Tim DeMado of Triple Jump Fitness, about the ways in which they are helping children and adults learn.


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Caffeinated #184


Mainers love their coffee—and why not? We have diversity of roasters creating distinctive blends within our state, and many unique coffee houses within which we might enjoy our cup o’joe. Today we speak with Maine author Murray Carpenter about his book “Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us,”and Bard Coffee manager & long-time barista Brittany Feltovic.  You’ll hear some interesting insights about our favorite bean.

Active Life #183

GRybus-OP-TedDarling-HR-9122 copy

How do we balance professional and private responsibilities with the enjoyment of physical pursuits?  For each person, the answer is different, but most us find a great deal of satisfaction in taking the time to run, bike, walk or otherwise get our bodies moving on a regular basis. Today we speak with attorney Meg LePage and Ted Darling, founding partner at Ethos Marketing, about their athletic pursuits, and why these have become an important part of their lives.

Women of Heart #182

kari herer_cardio_maine mag_088

Heart disease was once known as a disease of men—and older men at that. Today we speak with previously healthy women who had sudden, unexpected heart trouble at relatively young ages. Their diseases were so severe that they required heart transplants. You will be surprised and inspired by our conversations with artist Ann Gable Allaire and her husband Bill, and Deborah Daw Heffernan author of “An Arrow through the Heart.”

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Intentions #16

Welcome to 2012! What are your intentions this year? We believe that creating intentions for our lives can have a significant impact on the way we approach our existence. It can also positively impact those around us. This week's show includes an interview with Dr. Lisa Belisle, discussing her unique current medical practice and vision for the future of medicine,…

Bees #132

As a doctor, I can’t tell you how often I recommend people use natural, organic, locally produced honey from local honeybees as a means of staving off allergies and promoting good health.  I, myself, use honey pretty much every morning, so I understand the importance of having good bees because without good bees, we wouldn’t have good honey. But what…

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