Maine Conservation & Restorative Seafood #257

The importance of conserving our land and resources is less controversial than it once was—what remains a conundrum is how we go about doing so. Today we discuss possible solutions with Sean Mahoney of the Conservation Law Foundation and chef Barton Seaver, advocate for ‘restorative’ seafood practices.

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Engaging in Education #256


Photo by Heidi Kirn during the FIRST LEGO League World Championships

How do we engage children so that they are motivated to learn? For each child, this answer is different. Today’s guests have been participating in the education of Maine children both in and out of the classroom.  Talya Edlund was named Maine teacher of the year in 2016. Jim Eickmann and Keith Borkowski are community members who work with students in the FIRST Lego Robotics and Odyssey of the Mind programs.

Beyond Maine Borders: Haiti & Africa #255


Photography by Nicole Wolf  & Up from Under

Many talented Mainers are working on projects that benefit people around the globe. Today we speak with two people who have used their skills to help out after the 2010 earthquake in Haiti. Pamela White spent several decades with the United States Agency for International Development, and served as the Ambassador to Gambia and Haiti. Nicole Wolf founded the organization Up from Under, raising money to build houses in Haiti.

Bringing Books & Art to Life #254


Authors, illustrators and artists fill many roles: from teaching to creating. We enjoy some of their creations in the books we read, both as children and adults. Today we speak with Debra Spark and Garry Mitchell, an author and an artist who are also college professors—and have been happily married for many years. We also speak with popular Maine-based children’s author/illustrator, Chris Van Dusen.

Art by Garry Mitchell. Extrovert, acrylic on panel, 2016.

Acrylic on panel


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Wheels #39

The great wheel of nature spins again and summer is finally here! Celebrate the start of the season and the Kennebunkport Festival as we discuss the joy of exploring our backyards and parks on wheels with Brandon Gillard of the Kennebunkport Bicycle Shop, Tom Bradbury of the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust, and Kevin Thomas, bicyclist, publisher of Maine Magazine and Maine…

Musical Journeys #211

Journeys can be both literal and figurative. We can see the world through travel, but we can also journey without leaving our physical space. Today we speak with international bestselling author, Tess Gerritsen, and musician Emilia Dahlin, about the journeys they each have taken while practicing their craft, and how the melodies of life have influenced their experience.

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