Maine Weddings #177

Home to Valentine’s Day, February has become known as a month for lovers. With that in mind, Maine magazine offers its wedding issue this time each year, featuring 26 real weddings and a wealth of inspiration for those who are planning a special day in the Pine Tree State. Today we speak with Valerie Kyros, owner and stationer of Papier Fleuriste in Portland, who has years of experience in the area of weddings. We also speak with Kate Seremeth, Maine magazine art director, and Kelly Clinton, Maine magazine managing editor, about the enjoyment they derive from bringing the wedding issue to life.

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Bethel #176

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Bethel is known for being home to one of Maine’s largest ski resorts, Sunday River. It is also a place of great natural beauty, every season of the year. This informs the creative spirit which can be found in places like Gould Academy, and the Mill Hill Inn in Bethel. Today we speak with Matt Ruby, Gould Academy Head of School, and Woody Hughes, nationally renowned potter and owner of the Mill Hill Inn.

Designing Maine #175

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Maine is home to many talented artists and designers. Today we speak with Heather Chontos and Erin Flett, both of whom are making their marks on the world of style, from fashion to home furnishings. You have seen their work nationally and internationally, in publications such as Oprah magazine. We are proud to have them designing in Maine.

Architecture + Art #174

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The creative process is necessarily an evolution. Artists, and the community in which they create, are continuously changing. Today we speak with architect Scott Simons and with Mark Bessire, director of the Portland Museum of Art, about designing updated spaces and programs that can absorb and celebrate change. You won’t want to miss these intriguing conversations.

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Inspiring Maine People #147

Maine is home to many inspiring people—artists, attorneys, philanthropists, and countless others from diverse fields who are doing great things for our state. Today we speak with Katy Kelleher and Susan Grisanti of Maine magazine, who describe history of the "50 People" list in the July issue, and how the individuals who make up this list came to be chosen. We…

ALS #137

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis is a disease of the nervous system that causes problems with muscle control and function. Also called Lou Gehrig’s disease, it is considered a “rare disease” by national standards, but is nonetheless thought to impact 30,000 Americans at any given time. In the May issue of Maine magazine, I wrote about artist Jon Imber and the challenges…

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