Community Connectors #288

Within our community we are fortunate to have people who are particularly good at making and maintaining connections with others. Today we speak with Mark Curdo, who has hosted a yearly Markathon to benefit the Center for Grieving Children since 2008, musician Isaiah Taylor and David Thete, founder of Kesho Wazo.

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Poetry & Public Art #286

Twice a year, we at Love Maine Radio are fortunate to take part in a daylong gathering of creative Mainers of every description called “Maine Live.” Today we speak with two of our upcoming Maine Live speakers: Maine’s current poet laureate, Stuart Kestenbaum, is the interim president of the Maine College of Art; Donna McNeil is the former director of the Maine Arts Commission.

Investigating Addiction & Preventing Polio #285

We humans have been plagued by disease—both infectious and environmental–since we began life on this planet. Today we discuss two very different diseases with individuals who are working to mitigate them. Scientists Dr. Elissa Chesler and Dr. Vivek Kumar are studying addiction at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor. Ann Lee Hussey, herself a polio survivor, has travelled the world immunizing people against polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

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Maine Vision #156

Having lived in the Portland area for many years, I am excited to see the growth and new energy being invested in Maine’s largest city. Today we speak with Maine Senate President Justin Alfond and real estate developer Jim Brady: two individuals who are bringing jobs, housing and visitors to our state, and in promoting the high quality standard of living…

Harvest and Health #264

Autumn is a time for gathering what we have grown; for nourishing ourselves in preparation for the winter ahead. Today we speak with guests who are offering events during which we can nourish ourselves. Stefanie Manning is the new co-owner of Harvest on the Harbor, a multi-day food and drink event being held here in Portland. Alban Maino and Dr.…

Our Guests

David Thete and Isaiah Taylor

Mark Curdo

Dr. Melik Peter Khoury

Mick Womersley

Stuart Kestenbaum

Donna McNeil

Ann Lee Hussey

Dr. Elissa Chesler and Dr. Vivek Kumar

Michael Miclon

Michael Giberson and Neil Andersen

Dr. Mary Dowd

Katie Bowley

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