Stopping Sexual Abuse #244

There is no easy way to discuss the problem of sexual abuse and trafficking. Yet these problems do exist within the state of Maine. Today we speak with Melissa Bednarowski of  Stand Up 4 ME and Catherine Mossman of Stop Trafficking ME—both of whom have personal experience with these devastating situations, and have chosen to go beyond their pain and become advocates, so that others will not have suffer as they have.

DISCLAIMER: This is a sensitive topic, so younger people may not want to listen. If you are a parent please be aware.

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Happy Lawns, Healthy Waters #243

Photo by Production Manager Joel Kuschke

Photo by Production Manager Joel Kuschke

In Maine we are highly aware that what we do with our little corner of the planet has a direct impact on the greater world around us.  Today we explore the topic of healthy lawns, and their relationship with local waters and the ecosystem at large. Our guests include Amy Witt & Frank Wertheim of the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, and Mary Cerullo & Ivy Frignoca of Friends of Casco Bay

Pain, Addiction & Prevention #242


How do we protect  our communities—from issues related to addiction? Prescription and non-prescription drugs have a complicated history in our society. Health care providers and community members alike are seeking ways to deal with addiction—both through primary prevention and through treatment. Today we speak with Central Maine Medical Center chief family medicine physician Dr. Dave Salko and Jim Godbout , co-chair of the Red Ribbon Committee of the Biddeford Saco Rotary, about their efforts in this area.

Intercultural Understanding #241


How can we promote understanding between cultural groups in Maine? Whether our family has been here for generations, or whether we have just arrived, it is incumbent upon us to learn how to get along—and celebrate—people of all backgrounds. Today we speak with Pious Ali, founder of the Maine Interfaith Youth Alliance, and Gerard & Annie Kiladjian, founders of the Armenian Cultural Association of Maine.

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Life Lessons, #104

It's that time of year: back to school season. As fall descends on Maine and the weather becomes cool and crisp, kids (and adults) all over the state are readying themselves for tests, quizzes, homework, and all the other measuring sticks we use for learning. However, while traditional education might look a certain way, going “back to school” doesn’t necessarily…

Running/Spring Feet #36

Are you a runner, a runner-wanna-be, or have running friends and family in your life? Whether this is so, or whether you use your feet in other ways, we know you will learn much from this week's show, sponsored by the Maine Running Company/Maine Running Academy. We feature discussions from Dr. Christopher Toth of Akari, John Rogers of the Maine…

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