Racing Maine #266

Many athletes set training goals according to upcoming events, like marathons and triathlons. Today we speak with chef and restauranteur Steve Corry about his experiences with races such as Beach to Beacon and the Paris Marathon. We also discuss this past summer’s first annual Casco Bay Islands SwimRun with founder, triathlete and coach, Jeff Cole.

Photo by Susan Axelrod, managing editor of Old Port Magazine


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Entertaining Maine #265


Maine is home to a broad diversity of talented artists, actors and musicians. Today we speak with two individuals who are not only accomplished artists in their own right, but have also made it their mission to bring other talented people to our home state. George Dvorsky is an actor and entertainer who is also the creative director for Vinegar Hill Music Theater, which is completing its first season. Carol Noonan is a national recording artist and singer/songwriter who co-founded and runs Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield

Harvest & Health #264


Autumn is a time for gathering what we have grown; for nourishing ourselves in preparation for the winter ahead. Today we speak with guests who are offering events during which we can nourish ourselves. Stefanie Manning is the new co-owner of Harvest on the Harbor, a multi-day food and drink event being held here in Portland. Alban Maino and Dr. Sarah Kotzur will be discussing the upcoming Symposium on Integrative Health in Sports Practice, being presented by the Center for Health Leadership.

Preserving the Royal #263

Royal River WELLNESS

Maine’s waterways are an important part of the ecosystem—an ecosystem that provides nourishment for the body and the soul. Today we speak with author and retired minister, Bill Gregory, and with Alan Stearns and Kyle Warren of the Royal River Conservation Trust, about their efforts to preserve one of our southern Maine rivers for generations of living creatures to come.

Photo by Matt Cosby

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Wayfinding #238

The Wayfinder Schools have been helping at-risk Maine students for decades.  In 2011, Maine’s first alternative high school, The Community School, merged with century-old organization Opportunity Farm to form the Wayfinder Schools. Today we speak with Wayfinder board member, Barbara Russo and her husband, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Richard Russo, about their work with the school, their life as a couple for…

Lessons in Learning #154

How do we learn? Each of us answers this question differently. Margy Burns Knight and Anne Sibley O'Brien offer important insights about compassion through their book Talking Walls, which gives kids a glimpse into the lives of others. Garrett Temkiewicz is using his experience with dyslexia to inform his own style as a middle school teacher. Our guests might cause…

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