Poetry & Public Art #286

Twice a year, we at Love Maine Radio are fortunate to take part in a daylong gathering of creative Mainers of every description called “Maine Live.” Today we speak with two of our upcoming Maine Live speakers: Maine’s current poet laureate, Stuart Kestenbaum, is the interim president of the Maine College of Art; Donna McNeil is the former director of the Maine Arts Commission.

Poetry & Public Art #286 Transcription

Investigating Addiction & Preventing Polio #285

We humans have been plagued by disease—both infectious and environmental–since we began life on this planet. Today we discuss two very different diseases with individuals who are working to mitigate them. Scientists Dr. Elissa Chesler and Dr. Vivek Kumar are studying addiction at the Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor. Ann Lee Hussey, herself a polio survivor, has travelled the world immunizing people against polio and other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Investigating Addiction & Preventing Polio #285 Transcription

Gardiner Drama & Dining #284

Located on the Kennebec River, the town of Gardiner is one of Maine’s hidden gems. Originally a center of industry (and known worldwide for exporting ice in the 1800’s), Gardiner is now home to the iconic A1 Diner and the up-and-coming Johnson Hall Performing Arts Center. Today we speak with Michael Giberson and Neil Andersen, who have owned the A1 Diner for almost three decades, and with Michael Miclon, the executive and artistic director at Johnson Hall.

Gardiner Drama & Dining #284 Transcription

Impacted by Addiction #283

Addiction, to both recreational and prescribed substances, has become an epidemic in our state. We are all impacted. Today we speak with family physician Dr.Mary Dowd, the medical director of the Detoxification Program at Milestone Foundation in Portland, about her experience treating addiction. We also speak with Kate Bowley, whose former husband died of an overdose after a work-related injury began his three-year struggle with addiction.

Impacted by Addiction #283 Transcription

Pond Hockey & Portland Eating #282

There is great value in building things that give pleasure to others. For the past five years, Patrick Guerette has been the tournament director of the Maine Pond Hockey Classic, bringing players like South Portland firefighter Joshua Perry to central Maine. Portland restaurateur and artist Jay Villani opened his first eatery, Local 188, 18 years ago, and now has three more. Maine is a happier place as a result of their efforts.

Pond Hockey & Portland Eating #282 Transcription

Taking Care of Teeth & Treating Trauma #281

Maine is becoming known for its highly trained healthcare providers and innovative healers. Today we speak with Dr. Jon Ryder, dean of the University of New England College of Dental Medicine, which will be graduating its first class of dentists in 2017. We also discuss ground-breaking techniques for re-patterning the brain and nervous system, in cases of trauma and chronic pain, with health psychologist and integrative practitioner, Dr. Gregory Nevens.

Taking Care of Teeth & Treating Trauma #281 Transcription

Kids, Community & Coffee #280

What do we do when we find a need, whether in our own communities or in other parts of the world? Today we speak with Katie Wallace and Katie Brown, who are helping ease the hunger of Maine schoolchildren through their work with The Locker Project. We also discuss the coffee community and the positive impact of fair trade and organic practices with Bard Coffee co-founder Bob Garver.

Kids, Community & Coffee #280 Transcription

Body Balance #278

Do you need to bring your body into balance? We ask a lot of our physical selves, through our work and play. Today we speak with two healing practitioners who help their clients find balance through modalities such as massage, energy work, and dietary change. Julie Wright is the owner and director of Soma Massage and Wellness in South Portland; Carrie Levine is a certified nurse midwife, functional medicine specialist, and the founder of Whole Woman Health in Newcastle.

Body Balance #278 Transcription

Political Perspectives #276

This month we inaugurate a new president of the United States, which is certain to create change in both the nation and our state. Today we speak with two attorneys who have long had a passion for politics, and have contributed greatly to our government. Harold Pachios is one of the founding partners of law firm Preti Flaherty, whose prior career in politics dates back to the Kennedy administration. Also a Preti Flaherty founding partner, Severin Beliveau directs the firm’s government affairs practice in Augusta and Washington, D.C.

Political Perspectives #276 Transcription