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When I visited Lazzari last week, I got an excellent pizza, a delicious cocktail, and a history lesson. After hearing raves about the new place on Congress Street in Portland, I was expecting the first two, but I was surprised … Continue reading


When the craving for a burger hits, it usually hits pretty hard. You want the full experience, not just a fast-food fix. The idea becomes an obsession in your mind until the plate is set down in front of you, … Continue reading

Maine Wild Blueberry Chefs Challenge

Is there a better time to visit Maine than late July—the start of wild blueberry season? It’s a thrill when we first start seeing the tiny berries at farmers’ markets, alongside the rest of the season’s bounty. Last week, the … Continue reading

Cook’s Lobster and Ale House

I’m visiting with Nick and Jennifer Charboneau two days before Memorial Day weekend. It’s quiet at Cook’s Lobster and Ale House this afternoon. A few parties of older couples sit along the edge of the dining room in one of the wooden … Continue reading

The Thistle Inn

“Everyone has a story about the Thistle Inn,” says co-owner Dick Reid. That’s no surprise for a place that’s been in business as a locals’ favorite for over 50 years. The Greek Revival-style inn was originally a sea captain’s home, … Continue reading

Pool Lobster

There’s no shortage of seaside lobster shacks in Maine, but Pool Lobster is much more than that. The store/restaurant serves as a gathering spot for the Biddeford Pool summer people, all day long from Memorial Day until Labor Day. The … Continue reading

Nina June | Rockport, Maine | Eat Maine | The Maine Magazine

Nina June

When we arrive at Nina June, chef/owner Sara Jenkins is making one of the three types of pasta that will be served at dinner that night. She feeds green dough through the machine, thinning it with each pass. Each sheet, … Continue reading

Sea Glass at Inn by the Sea

As I sit down with Andrew Chadwick, we realize we are both celebrating anniversaries. Two years ago, I came here to Sea Glass to write my first blog post for Eat Maine. One year ago, he arrived at Inn by … Continue reading

Northern Union

When I visit Northern Union to meet owners Matt and Lauren Wickert, it is one of the first warm days of spring. They have the windows open, and as we sit to talk, Lauren asks, “Would you like a glass … Continue reading

Standard Gastropub

In Italy and other parts of Europe, it’s not unusual to find a restaurant attached to a service station. In fact, while not gourmet, some surprisingly excellent meals can be found at these roadside stops. William Holmes was aware of … Continue reading