Farms & Food #296

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

How do we support Maine farmers? One way is to buy our food from local producers. We can also do our best to educate ourselves on agricultural issues in our state. Today we speak with Amanda Beal, the president and CEO of Maine Farmland Trust, a member-powered statewide organization that protects farmland, supports farmers, and advances the future of farming. We also speak with Heidi Powell, the owner and operator of Dirigo Wholesale, a wholesale distribution company in Portland specializing in local and form-away produce, grocery, and specialty ingredients.

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Exile, Art & New Lives #295

What does it feel like to find a new homeland, when it is no longer possible to live in the place of one’s birth? Today we speak with two individuals who have channeled their experiences into their writing and art. Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, Kifah Abdulla is a former prisoner of war who writes, teaches, and creates art in Portland. Reza Jalali came here from Iran and is now an author and the coordinator of the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs at the University of Southern Maine.

Building Maine Businesses #294

Business is booming in Maine. Today we speak with two individuals who are leading the way in this field. Melissa Smith is the president and CEO of WEX, which is one of three companies in our state to have revenues of more than a billion dollars. William J. Ryan, Jr., is the principal owner and chairman of the Maine Red Claws, Portland’s NBA development team.

Designing Anew #293

Maine is home to many who enjoy transforming things in unexpected ways. Today we speak with Dr. George Smith, an education innovator who founded the Institute for Doctoral Studies in the Visual Arts, headquartered in Portland, Maine, in 2006. We also discuss the recently opened Rockland boutique hotel, 250 Main, with its co-creator, Cabot Lyman, owner of Lyman-Morse and with manager, Ruth Woodbury Starr.

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Special Olympians #124

The 2014 Olympic games are soon upon us, this year being held in Sochi, Russia. While we are awed by the athletes who bring evidence of their talent and hard work to the world-wide stage, there are adults and children who cause a quiet awe daily. These are our Special Olympians and the parents and volunteers who work with them.…

Caffeinated #184

Mainers love their coffee—and why not? We have diversity of roasters creating distinctive blends within our state, and many unique coffee houses within which we might enjoy our cup o’joe. Today we speak with Maine author Murray Carpenter about his book “Caffeinated: How Our Daily Habit Helps, Hurts and Hooks Us,”and Bard Coffee manager & long-time barista Brittany Feltovic.  You’ll…

Our Guests

Amanda Beal

Heidi Powell

Kifah Abdulla

Reza Jalali

William J. Ryan, Jr.

Melissa Smith

Cabot Lyman and Ruth Woodbury Starr

George Smith

Ashley Bryan

Ken Ryan

Pamela Blodgett

Amy & Allie Smith

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